Monday, August 19, 2013

birthday week :: crazy for mt

Hunter and I don't go buck wild for the big holidays like Christmas or Valentine's Day.  We usually set like a $10 - $50 limit and have more fun cooking in with wine and candles than we would splurging on elaborate gifts or flowers.  I'm not exactly sure how it morphed this way, but birthday's have become our holiday to celebrate - to bust out all the stops and really go crazy.  Last year was no exception and Hunt managed to set the bar quite high.  Hunter has his pilot's license and the ability to fly in and out of that's what we did!  We were able to drive up to Steamboat from Denver on a Friday night, grab breakfast and a quick hike Saturday morning then take off...{ literally! } and fly to Montana early that afternoon!

For many reasons, the whole trip was so intimate and so us.  One of my faaaaavorite parts of the trip was for sure the landing.  Hunter was explaining that because of the plane + flying club his dad owns/is a part of, we would have a rental car waiting for us right when we landed at the airport.  I remember seeing a Yukon/SUV of sorts parked near where we were landing and thought oh that'll be perfect for the 4 of us all weekend!  Wellllllll imagine my surprise when we parked the plane about 100 yards from the SUV, and I turned my head to see someone driving our actual rental car out to us.  A bitchin' purple Mustang convertible.  We laughhhhhed, and laughed and laughed when we realized what our rental car was.  I tell you what though, we had an absolute blast driving that car around the city, interstates and back roads!

The weekend was this blissful combination of hiking, great food, better beer, hot springs, lovely hotels and just memories that equal perfection.  These are the people who make me, me.  Spending my 27th birthday with them was something from a dream.

Sigh.  Perfection.

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. I wanna go back to this weekend!