Wednesday, August 14, 2013

birthday week :: beth's song

Same birthday, same day, same year as my Morning with Mary.  I headed to work just like I would any other day, and get a phone call from the receptionist "Hey Beth, can you come to the front desk quick?"  Suuuure.  Not a problem.  I just assume she picked out my favorite banana Laffy Taffy from the candy bowl to give me as a birthday gift.  Well good gravy I couldn't have been more wrong.

I have no real words to explain exactly what happened, though singing-vampire-telegram should pretty much wrap it up.  { this was during my big Twilight phase.  keep your judgement to yourself, please and thank you. }  I've tried to figure out how to download this video off my Facebook page, though for the life of me I can only figure out how to get the link to the video.  So, have at it.  It's worth the click.  Teeeeerust me.  

My bestest friend Amie had sent me this little gem at work.  Kate, my darling co-worker, had the right mind to grab my phone and video this scene.  Truly, all I really remember are my cheeks hurting from smiling/laughing so much, and sweating out of sheer panic and excitement.  Here are the lyrics to my personalized song:

I came to say,
today is Beth's birthday.
Time for a big celebration
according to my calculations
time for some birthday congratulations!
Though Amie lives far away,
she's thinking of you today
wishing you Happy Birthday
so she sent me! 
Your very best bud 
I'm vegetarian; I want to suck your blood!
You're the Queen of Graphic Designwho loves good wine
with a cat who's the cross-eyed kind.
You're from North Dakota
Where it's very cold 
and I want the whole world to know.
And I came to say Happy birthday!
Best wishes and many more happy Birthday's.
Would you like to go hideaway?
To somewhere hot and far away?
forget about your birthday 
my, love let me take you away! Ole!
I'll wine and dine you endlessly.
We'll shop and shop endlessly.
We'll spend your money wrecklessly.
I'll take you to Montana with me! Ole!
And if you run far away with me
It'll be your best birthday you see
Tell your boyfriend he is history,
The only one for you is me.
Happy birthday to you. You are too great, why must we wait?
Let's celebrate!

There are a few things I feel compelled to note about this birthday.
{ one} I have to laugh out loud/cringe a little that on my 25th birthday, the best outfit I could come up with was a wife beater and jeans.  Classic Beth.
{ two } I would be remiss to not mention the 30 day relationship I ended the night before this birthday.  I know it's best to leave some things in the past, but I can't help but roll my eyes + laugh as I see photos of this day and am reminded of that dreadful night before.  I feel like I need Jaime by my side to help tell this, because we still laugh about the story to this day.  Let's just say the 45 minutes spent in the park at a picnic he had planned were truly some of the longest 45 minutes of my life.  I will say the picnic + food was incredibly thoughtful but the event as a whole was a disaster.  He had brought white boxed wine, which typically I will be THE first person to buy/drink boxed wine, though I prefer more along the lines of Bota Box, Black Box etc., not necessarily Franzia boxed white WARM wine.  Yes, it was warm white Franzia wine and I drank literally 5+ glasses in what had to have been 7 minutes to actually spit out the words that it was over.  Don't feel too sorry for him, though.  I can assure you he was too stoned to remember any of it.
{ three } My girls Jaime, Sara and Ashley had a killer birthday night planned to celebrate.  Buda Buttons, a comedy show and ending our night to meet up with friends where else?  The Keg.  

{ four } And the final thing to note; you may remember that Hunter and I met through Amie.  Hunter was living in Montana at the time, but had family/friends in CO so visit Denver from time to time.  Hunter and I met in October of 2011, but on this very night, August 20th, 2010 he was in Denver.  Amie was texting me allllll night saying "MY FRIEND HUNTER IS IN TOWN AND HE'S OUT DOWNTOWN DENVER.  BETH.  GO MEET UP WITH HIM!"  I clearly was too busy celebrating days of birth and friends to have responded { read: too tipsy to respond to texts }, but it's so funny/crazzzzy to think that we could have actually met a year and a few months sooner.  Fun fact: I was at The Keg with my friends, and Hunter was out that same night at Giggling Grizzly with his friends.  The Keg is located on Wynkoop and 19th while Giggling Grizzly is on Market and 20th, which makes the two bars and therefore Hunter and I exactly 5 blocks apart on this very night.

Epic birthday that 25th was!


  1. I love your break-up park/wine story. It never gets old and actually gets a bit funnier every time its told. I loved this birthday with you Beth, it was so much fun! Obviously you know that by the glazed over drunk eyes I have in nearly every picture. :)

  2. HAHAHAHAHHAH I forgot about the vampire man. I thought that was so so so so so so so so so so funny. If we could only have a magic crystal ball to see where our life is today...granted the main/pedi, giggles, morning spooning/bad country songs, too much wine, too many snorts etc never change but you are dating my best man friend. Isn't it ironic, don't you think? (Alanis in your kitchen memory. wah wah wah.)