Sunday, August 18, 2013

birthday week :: balloons, friends and parks oh my!

I truly got the biggest warm fuzzy putting this post together.  The weeks leading up to my 26th birthday I had this nagging thought that wouldn't go away.  This dream of having a huge, big beautiful and colorful birthday party in the park.  When I looked on the calendar and realized my actual birthday would be on a Saturday, it pretty much sealed the deal for me.  The bestest of all best parts?  My parents, uncle Joel and cousin Rebeca were passing through town from ND to CA so all of them + my uncle Craig { who lives in Longmont, CO } were able to join!

I still to this day remember the smallest gestures that made this day a success.  Jaime and Ryan picking up the balloons that I was obsessing over having { I LOVE BALLOONS } on their way to the party.  Mary making cake pops and fruit skewers { which required she cut up cantaloupe which may or may not be her least favorite fruit }.  My girlfriend Amy coming an hour+ early to help with the set up.  Everyone who showed up who helped drink the keg of beer.  My dad going out and buying more beer when we ran out of keg beer.  { YES.  That actually happened. }  My gays + gals bringing their own tent, champagne, blankets and a piñata.  My aunt hosting Mary + my uncles + parents and I for dinner after the party.  The entire day really was a dream.

And as if Mary hadn't done enough for the day, she filled + edited this video for me.  She's such a show-off BFF.  Wouldn't you agree?

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  1. Touching the cantelope was definitely my biggest BFF show-off moment. Except no one was watching.