Thursday, August 15, 2013

birthday week :: sweet sixteen

I worked at my last job in Denver for 5.5 years.  When I first started I was one of the youngest in the company and THE youngest in my department by a solid 8+ years.  My department would joke relentlessly how I had just gotten my drivers permit and when it came time for department happy hours my boss with a 100% straight face would say "Remember we need to pick a 18 and under bar because Beth can't drink yet."  I was 23 { at the time }.  For my 24th birthday, I came to work tooooooooooooooo this:

Yes, yes.  A fake Sweet 16 birthday on my 24th birthday.  It was all Hannah Montana, Cosmo Girl and clearly pink/purple themed.  It.  Was.  Awesome.   The Taylor Swift card may have been the best part as they all signed it like they would a high school yearbook.  "Stay sweet and never change, girl!"  "Have an AWESOME summer can't wait to see you for our SENIOR YEAR!!!"  But I will tell you what, there was a little Hannah Montana pocket mirror from this day that I used at my desk up until my very last day.  It was perfect for checking teeth before a meeting/after lunch.

Anyway, these are the crazy hooligans and fine folks that I have to thank for this.

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  1. I remember you sending me a pic of your office that day! My, how time flies.