Monday, August 12, 2013

i made this :: juice!

Are you guys as distraught as I am that my "i made this" wasn't posted on Sunday like all my other ones, but on MONDAY?  Say what?  You didn't notice?  You hardly read those posts anyway?  Oh ok. That's cool. As you were.

I've been wanting to post our go-to juice recipes for a few weeks now. We are still as obsessed with our Lucy Juicy as the day we got her. We've been sticking with our green smoothie breakfasts and afternoon juice pick-me-up. Here are a few of our favorites!

ORANGE :: carrot + apple + ginger. So simple and so delicious it really doesn't need any additional ingredients. This one is Hunter's most favorite. The carrots are surprisingly sweet when juiced, so I like to throw in an extra knob of ginger or extra parsley to balance out the sweetness. 

GREEN :: bok choy + celery + cucumber + lime + ginger + apple. This green juice is my jam & go to favorite. It can be easily adjusted with broccoli stems, pears, lemons, aragula, parsley etc. 

PINK :: beet + carrot + bok choy + kale + broccoli stem + lemon + ginger. Another of Hunter's favorite. Beets are easy to come by at the markets around here and have them on hand quite often, so this is another easy go-to!

Weee!  Yes, we { I } name our juices by color. It's so much easier that way.

I have my eye on a small hand crank juicer to better juice wheatgrass and herbs. I'm taking suggestions on names for that baby once the time comes!  I mean. Taking suggestions for recipes including wheatgrass/herbs. Yeah. Yeah! That's what I meant. 


  1. You've seriously stepped up your juicing game, yo.

  2. a little butt hurt we didn't have time to juice. Apparently I should have booked my ticket to September 29 for all of our plans to happen!