Friday, August 16, 2013

birthday week :: my most smartest friends

Today's birthday week is honoring my dear dear friends back home, Jim and Eric!  Sadly this video will make sense to maybe 1 in every 30 of you who view it, but it is very likely one of the most thoughtful gifts that I have EVER received, so I just had to post it.  Eric and Jim said a few times over how my birthday present would be coming in the mail and the only thing I was told was that I absolutely had to take a video of myself opening it.

SO.  What the heck was in the box you ask?  About a dozen and a half gifts allllll relating to the movie Drop Dead Gorgeous, which we quote and watch on the regular.  Eric and Jim took our favorite lines from the movie and put a gift/quote to each one.  I will say that in order to understand even a fraction of the gifts that are in the box, you would have had to of seen the movie at least 12+ times, but it is just too good not to post.  I will also beg for forgiveness to the inappropriate jokes dropped and know that the "you're too big to fit in here" is a quote from another of our favorite movies The Sweetest Thing.

Again with the wife beater.  Again with the sweating out of excitement/fear of being on camera.  Again with the being so overwhelmed by love and friendship.

I love you, boys.  

It is so very important to me that you all know I don't go around talking about what is too big to fit where, and dropping 'mental r's' left and right.  I was so close to not even posting this video because of the crude jokes/language that is in it, until I realized this post isn't about the silly quotes from silly movies, rather the thought, intention and love that went into that gift.

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