Sunday, July 28, 2013

i made this :: spring risotto

Hunter and I were gifted The Vegan Table cookbook for Christmas from his brother and sister-in-law.  I've cooked a handful of recipes out of this, and all of them have been a screaming success.  Apparently my "i made this" series has an underlying theme of things I've always wanted to try yet never have taken the time/effort to make, which makes this risotto fit in perfecto mundo!

It was an incredibly simple recipe to follow, which was great for a first time risotto chef like myself as I've heard that it's finicky to make.  Who am I kidding, by "heard" I mean every chef I've seen on Top Chef/Chopped that has attempted to make risotto has always been kicked off for an undercooked dish.  You do have to commit a good 40-60 minutes over the stovetop stirring constantly, so it's good to have a nice chilled out crisp friend by your side for plenty of bonding and great conversation.  aka a glass of white wine with the bottle within arms reach.

All in all I really enjoyed this dish, though Hunter and I really like our foods with a lot of spice and kick.  I felt like a jackass covering the entire thing in hot sauce, but sadly the title didn't stop me from doing just that.  Next time I'll search a little deeper for a good spicy risotto.

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