Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Out of the {packing} box post.

I've realized how overwhelmingly many posts lately have been about moving, so I'm about to switch it up! For now anyway. I can't promise what I'll feel like blogging about in the next 15 minutes.

Since living in Denver, I've gotten obnoxiously close with my coworker Jaime and her handsome boyfriend (of 9 years) Ryan. (Can you say High School Sweethearts?!) We make it a point to cook dinner once a week, have our own Team AR, and I've been known to email/text with Ryan all day everyday with mindless banter. Needless to say I was beyond thrilled when they got engaged in October! And further, I was beyond honored when they asked me to be one of 3 bridesmaids in their wedding this September. These two and their beautiful families have opened up their homes to me on numerous occasions - I really do claim them all as my own. Below are some sneak peeks into what I know will be one of the moat breathtaking and beautiful weddings I've ever attended!

Sneak Peek #1

Sneak Peak #2

Sneak Peak #3

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