Sunday, January 22, 2012

Central City vs H&B

Central City totally won - though H&B had a blastie!

Like I said before, we were totally small fish in a big ocean, but we embraced every minute of it. After checking in to our hotel, with an unexpected 50% off simply by asking for a manager of the hotel who knows a man I work with, we wandered around for probably 30 min trying to sort through the small casinos to simply find somewhere to eat. After finding said somewhere to eat, I was served the BIGGEST glass of red wine I've ever received for $3. Insane in the membrane. We then headed back to Reserve and tried our hand in gambling.

Though we had THE greatest time, and made some awesome friends at the gambling tables, we quickly found our calling. Poker machines AT the bar.

I tell you what; $40 lasted us maybe 7 minutes at the Roulette table, where $1 lasted us no lie probably at least 20 minutes at our lucky Poker machine. AND; you get served your free drinks AT the bar immediately vs waiting for the cocktail waitresses to scan the room. Win-win. After we ran out of dolla's, we quickly entertained ourselves for hours playing hangman and tic tac toe.

Before we knew it, one thing {drink} lead to another and we were in line for paninis + homemade potato chips.

Shortly after that photo was taken, we went to take the elevator up to our room, where {I was reminded of this the next morning} I RAN and jumped into the elevator to play on the liquid gel floors, unbeknownst to me, I accidentally cut in front of a sweet couple who replied with my childish games with a simple: "We'll wait for the next elevator."


We got to sleep in Saturday morning, enjoyed a champagne brunch and a beautimus drive through the canyon back to Denver.

I'm beyond thankful for our time in Central City together, and even though we didn't totally fit in with the gambling world, we already have our next hotel picked out for when we go again. I simply love his love for adventure!

Perfect night.

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  1. Looks like an amazing time, full of all kinds of great memories.

    Glad you got to spend some quality time together!

  2. Oh, this whole entry brings so much happiness to me! While I am sad that roulette didn't play out with some major wins I feel like the trip did. Now, what is the hotel you will be staying out for your next trip?

  3. I've never been to Colorado, but those mountains are tempting me!