Saturday, January 28, 2012


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The interesting thing I've learned about life is how just when you think you have it figured out,  juuuuust when you can finally see your ducks getting in their nice little row, life itself sneaks up on you and never fails to knock the wind straight out from underneath you.  Isn't it funny how one word - one simple 6 letter word can change everything?  The way you look at your boyfriend sleeping, walks with your best friend + dogs, the woman helping you at the pharmacy with the biggest, most contagious smile on her face.  It's a constant reminder to just embrace ever single second that we have.  Every single dinner spent with friends and families...every single giggle session at the water cooler at work with your besties.  Every single text message, phone call, email and hug from people you love.  Embrace every touch, smell, memory and grain of their existence, because we never know when that nasty 6 letter world will present itself and change lives forever.

I've been talking to this sweet soul a lot lately - hopefully she has some pull from above and can help a girl out.  ; )  Love you, Morgan Dawn!


  1. I am worried about what that 6 letter word might be...
    I have some ideas, but I reaaaaaaaaally hope that I am wrong!

    If you want to chat, send me an email!

    I am sending LOVE your way, my babe!