Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Know what's really enjoyable for me?

Having my {Chech} boss come and sit at my desk looking super serious and asks:
"So.  You know when people say 'your neck of the woods', what the f*ck does that actually mean?!  Neck of the woods???  WHY is it neck?  Not nose?!?!"

Then having your coworker kick in and say:
"It's kind of like when people talk about different legs of flights when flying."

That right there nearly blew Alex's mind.  After he challenged Matt that he made up the leg of flight thing, he walked away shaking his head.  I was going to rebring up chicken fried chicken and refried beans, but I thought that'd send him straight over the edge.
"Why do they have to fry the beans twice?!?!?!!!!  Can't I just have fried beans?  Or better yet - just beans?"

It is so fun messing with a man who has lived in the states for years now, yet still doesn't get our slang.

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