Friday, January 6, 2012

Week in pix.

Short week. Short on words.

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  1. Hi BethAnn! Thanks for stopping by my blog. That's so funny that your parents live in Temecula. Such a small blogger world. :) I live pretty close to Temecula but when we went to celebrate our anniversary, it was our first time there for wine. We did the wine tour and we went to so many great ones. I liked Wilsons because it was lots of fun! Do you have any recommendations?

  2. Wine Country is so much fun there!!! I have to agree - Wilson was one of my favorites. I have secret dreams of getting married at their huge gazebo out back! My parents are currently members at Masia de Yabar. It's a little difficult to find as far as where to turn - but once you get there it's so worth it - the views are stunning! They were also members at Bella Vista, which is a smaller one, but still great. I'll keep up with your blog and if you make it over to some new ones, I'd love to hear about them!!!