Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My day will be awesome because:

I was reading through some of my old blog posts last night, and I totally forgot how frequently I would list out my Favorite 5's.  I most certainly had my crabby pants on this morning, and though I've slowly taken them of throughout the day, I still want to make a list of Why My Day Will Be Awesome:

My day will be awesome because:
Anything that I think I have to complain or fuss about really isn’t that bad.  Frustrating conversations, irritating coworkers, the list could go on and on, however, they are ALL things that can be worked through and overcome.  It’s not the end all, be all.
I’m having a really, stinking good hair day.
I get to stay at my aunt’s tonight to housesit 2 dogs, and I can’t wait to get my puppy love fix in.
I just ate my leftover lunch from yesterday and am so dang happy about it.  Yes it’s 10:40a, and yes I ate it all.  Sue me.

I just got to hear this conversation among Kate and Sara:
Kate: I just feel dirty doing a search for Hooters.  
Sara: You are searching for Hooters?!?!!
For what it's worth, Hooters ran a spot with us and Kate had to do the billing for it.  Clear your minds, folks.

Jonny G and I are planning the dinner menu for American Idol's premiere tonight!  His emails, though sarcastic and bitchy, make me smile every time I open them.  In case you forgot, my friends and I have a slight addiction to American Idol.  Mary even temporarily swore off watching it this season because of the pain and suffering caused by her favorite getting voted off last year...but I'm pretty sure she came around.  ;)

This picture is set as the background to my new computer, and I la-ove it!  My mom, aunt and Chrissy and I in San Diego last year after a very loud, silly and liquid lunch.  

Boo ya!  Oh and I've read this post already a handful of times today.

what if instead of being furious....we were kind.
what if instead of being furious....we were kind.
what if instead of being furious....we were kind.

Love it.  Why will YOUR day be awesome today?!

*No idea why some of my text is highlighted - let's just pretend that didn't happen, yes?

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