Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hello weekend - we meet again!

Hunt and I got back from Central City a little after 1p - it's amazing how reconnected we can feel after just 24 hours spent together!  We had a blast at the casino, even if we were the small fish in a huuuge ocean.  Though it was fun to play our hand at Roulette (thanks for the tips, Jaime!), poker and simply walking around people watching - I have to say my favorite was just sitting at the bar playing countless hands of Hangman.  Hunter says it best when he says "I think we could be stuck in an empty room together with no doors or windows, yet still entertain ourselves for hours." The man has a point.  ; )

I had a killer workout/strength training/run in the park when we got back.  The weather is stunning outside!!!  Now it's time to hunker down with my water, tea and fruit to work on some freelance work for a bit before getting gussied up for my sweet friend Ed's birthday this evening!  What are youuuu doing this fine Saturday?

(Jealous of the headband/updo?  Thought so.)

Happy weekending, friends!  I'll be back with more pictures and stories from Central City later this weekend.

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  1. loveee the mustache mug!! i thought about making those as gifts for christmas. totally jealous of the updo since i'm growing my hair out... and that breakfast makes me want to be healthy!!! sounds like a fun weekend at the casino- i always love gambling getaways!! :)