Monday, January 30, 2012


So a few months ago...I'm thinking November? Hunter and I took a trip to Snowy, which is the ski resort in southern Wyoming that his parents own {briefly talked about here}. We had THE best weekend skiing, laughing with his parents over wine, watching football, hanging out with some of his friends from elementary school....the list could go on. I was SO proud of myself all weekend long, because with the exception of about 10 minutes, I left my phone in the room the entire time. For those 10 minutes that I had it, I took a few pix outside and some of Hunter's insanely perfectly adorable nephew Charlie. See, Charlie is not just the cutest little boy ever, but he has this wave..and he waves at EVERYTHING that is machine related. Vacuums, brooms, snow removers, and in this particular occasion, this gigantic like mop/sweeping/boom thing. WELL. My iPhone didn't like Snowy as much as Snowy liked my iPhone, because on the drive back to Denver, I noticed that my phone kept dating back to like 1990 and saying it was 10p. Then, the unthinkable happened and I noticed that ALL THE PHOTOS I TOOK WENT MISSING. Ask Hunter, I went from 100 to -50 because I took THE cutest photos of Charlie and Hunter and I seriously couldn't believe they were just gone. GONE. Vanished. Seriously you guys, I was beyond embarrassed at my reaction to these pictures being gone. I probably didn't talk for a solid hour, and after that hour, I only spoke because we went to watch the Broncos game, and what's a Broncos game with out Beth hooting and hollering?


I went just now to download an app to my phone when my phone tells me I need to delete photos before I can download any more applications. So I think "Heck, I'll start at the top of my photos instead of the most recent ones."


THE PICTURES WERE THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I immediately started texting them to Hunt, who happened to call me at that exact time, but hadn't seen the pictures yet. I answered the phone and SCREAMED "BABE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" to which he replied "Whoaaa - babe?" After he saw the texts, he was almost as equally excited as I was The first thing he said was "Well, now you don't have to kill yourself over those lost photos."

Enough small talk. More picture talk.

I opened a door in the kitchen and took this photo + the following two!

Ski-in at it's finest.


Part of the lodge!

Don't get me started on this stoobies.

Seriously, don't.

I said don't!


Okay so to you guys, these pictures might not be too much to write home about, but I can't express how insanely happy they make me. I already set one to Hunter's caller ID pix and the last time he called I was literally squealing when I answered at the sheer cuteness.

The end.

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  1. What a great blog post! Have you ever made it to the beautiful Black Hills and Rapid City? We have a number of winter activities including skiing and ice skating.