Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Creative Zone

One of the serious pros and serious cons I've grown to love about being a graphic designer, is you really have no idea when the design inspiration mood will hit.  Sure, I can sit down and bang out a logo, or page layout any hour of the day - but that doesn't mean my heart is in it 100%.  Back when I was in college, I remember starting on a project at 6pm, and with zero exaggeration, working straight through the night until 6am on the project.  And before you ask, no - it wasn't because I left the project until the night before to finish yes it was, but that's not the point.  The point was the Creative Mood struck at 6pm, and I'd be damned if I let sleep take that and a completed grade away from me.  This all can pose as a challenge working a 9a-5p job, considering my motivation typically strikes late at night.  My boss has even made mention to me he can tell on the projects I work on when I'm in the Creative Zone, and when I'm in the Work To Get It Done Zone.

This past Friday after work, I went for an awesome bike ride, rode to the store to pick up groceries and a few movies.  Came home and worked on some freelance projects while my dinner was cooking, then eventually migrated over to the tv to watch one of my movies.  About 3/4th's into the movie, I had the itch to get back to my computer so I simply paused the movie, slipped in my headphones { Yes, I use headphones when I work even at home in an empty apartment.  Backupoffit. }  and designed my little heart out.    

It didn't matter I had a 6am alarm set to meet Jaime and Ryan for an early morning hike.  It didn't matter I could/should have been packing.  All that mattered was my PMS palette, my Spotify playlist, and { let's be honest } my glass of wine...all bringing me to my happy place - my Creative Zone.

When I started drifting out of The Zone around 11:45pm, I started getting a little....well - because I have no shame don't take myself too seriously, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.  Maybe listen to the video for what was playing in my earbuds while looking at the photos as they will make more sense you will judge me less.

You are welcome.  And for anyone wondering, the microphone shots are when Sia sings.  She deserves a mic.

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