Friday, August 24, 2012

It's getting to that point.

You know, that point, and that point where I am so overwhelmed with packing, moving, cleaning that I can't see past cardboard boxes, tape and watching the clock roll past 1am.  So I'm forcing myself to push past all that junk, and post my favorite 5's of the week.  Of the day?  Whatever - favorite 5's going on right now.

1. My coworker Boomer sending me a photo he snapped of me and his beautiful granddaughter.  The picture was taken over a year ago, but he came across it and wanted to share.  It brought such a smile to my face not just because of how sweet she is, but of how proud of a grandpa Boom is to his granddaughter!

2. Chinese food takeout.  Because even when you promise yourself you won't fall into a Fast Food Funk and so badly want to use up everything in your pantry before a big move, you just can't.  And when you can't, Chinese food can.  'nuff said.

3. This guy's texts:

4. The overcast and gloomy weather today!  Much appreciated after way way too many days in the 90's.

5. Getting to spend Saturday night away from cardboard and with my favorite ladies + old school sleepover!  I'm beyond excited to lounge in my pj's, paint some nails, play some games, but mostly laugh, laugh and laugh.

Ok that took me a while to come up with 5, but I managed, and am thankful for that.  What are YOUR favorite 5's this week?  

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