Monday, August 27, 2012


I have had this window open with a blank post since oh...about 7:30am.  Well, in all honesty since about 6pm last night when I wanted to take a picture from my laptop of my new room, but as quickly as I realized how horrifically tired and greasy I looked, I walked away from the computer and ate homemade salsa by the spoonful.

True story.

Srsly guys - this stuff is amaze.  The Farmers Markets around here are in full peak and I couldn't be more thrilled.

Anyway, I'm here to say ohheyhai, though it probably won't be worth reading.  I'm bouncing back and forth from posting about my amaze girls birthday party sleepover this past weekend, Mary's birthday party, our Montana trip, and posting photos from when my parents were here, and my cousin and her husband were here before that!

Yes.  A month ago.

Hi my name is Beth, and I'm a very delayed blogger.

But for now, you get photos of salsa, vegan taco salads, cute boys in Ikea bed-frames, Green Monsters, new roomies and their { smiling } dogs, a birthday gift from Amie that when I read the first 2 words of just one of them I cried for 15 minutes straight and last but not least appreciating the fact Hunter knows how much I love green how much I am OCD I am about my color coordinating when he buys me fun things like running shoes and Patagonia zip up's.  Please accept this versus a post of strictly chirping from the crickets that are walking around in my head.  Moving is seriously tiring stuff, yo.


  1. Someone is actually wearing that Xfinity shirt?? Wowwowowow

  2. yummmm, that salsa looks delicious! love the name and layout of your blog :)
    p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

    xo brie

    1. Hi Brie! I'm so glad that you found me - thank you for your sweet words on my blog name and layout! I tried my hand for the first time at blog layouts, after much trial and error I finally landed on something I was happy with. I can't wait to page through your blog, too! Thanks for saying hi and enjoy your Friday!