Wednesday, August 29, 2012

People who are better at life than me.

I la-ove it when an abundance of inspiration hits my inbox in the mornings.  Today I was lucky enough to find two amaze graphic design videos that make me want to be a better designer, coworker, artist, and step-dog owner.  Yes, step-dog owner.  These videos are THAT good.

This first one, I don't just love because it's my wanna be best friend yes I do, but the talent, and the precision in the piece is just incredible to me.

And the second one.  Oh the second one!  Takes me STRAIGHT back to my college days - it reminds me so much of something we would have been assigned in class.  { Minus the video part, just the interpretation of words and their actions. }  

We had a book in school that had little challenges like this example throughout the entire book.  It's a book I was frantically searching for last year, but couldn't find it, so assumed I had donated it years ago.  I was so excited and found it when I was packing up for my move!  Once things settle down next week, I can't WAIT to pour myself a big glass of ice water wine, turn on my computer, plug in the headphones and get jiggy with it.  Graphic Design style. 

And because we all know I can't leave things in even numbers, and feel the constant need to keep things in odd numbers, I'll leave you with a video from my favorite chef, cooking some cauliflower couscous...a side dish I've been dying to try my hand at for weeks now!

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