Friday, August 10, 2012

Use what you { I } have.

After deciding that I'd be moving in with Miss. Docksey, I've gone on grocery store lockdown. I am determined to cook up all the fresh produce, fridge fixings and dry ingredients that I have now, and move/throw away as little as possible.  I've found the things I have most of to use up, are the things occupying my pantry.  Rice, pasta, lentils, garbanzo beans, rice, brown rice, white rice.  Seriously - I'm learning that I am a straight up rice hoarder.  Anyway, though I do love my food blogs/videos and mimicking all the glorious recipes that are out there, I'm having a lot of fun finishing off what I have in my apartment now and throwing away all those bottles and packages!

Monday I cooked up a big batch of fried rice using some garden peppers my mom brought with her from CA, an onion from last week’s Door to Door box, jalapeno from a friend's garden and other misc veggies I had lying around.  Tuesday, I thawed some quinoa enchiladas I had in the freezer, mixed up some of my own enchilada sauce, and made a big batch of dirty rice using more onions, peppers and garbanzo beans (ideally I would have wanted black beans in there, but I had plenty cans of garbanzo beans and none of black beans, so garbo it was!).  Wednesday and Thursday I wasn't home for dinner but tonight I have big plans to use up a pizza crust mix, the rest of some BBQ sauce, onions and tomatoes for a flatbread pizza!  Next week, I'm excited to make Lentil Balls with Tomato Sauce { sans eggs and cheese } to use up some lentils I have in the pantry right meow. 

My goal over the weekend is to take inventory of what I have left to use up and start thinking of more recipes for next week.. 2nd in line with my rice addiction is dried pasta.  Pasta Salad Party, anyone??

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