Friday, August 31, 2012


And a very G this F is! When I typed that, I intended it to mean "And a very Good this Friday is." which isn't a proper sentence anyway { Sorry Jen and Becky }, then I realized that if I took it out of the TGIF context, it meant "And a very God this Friday is." which makes EVEN less sense.  But I'm leaving it, because why?  Well, I don't know.  Just because.  GO with it.

ANYWAY, TGIF fun friends!  How was all you's bitches weeks?  { Man, I am really knocking all grammer rules and regulations out the window today. }  My week was just straight up wonky - not going to lie.  It was a strange combination of all of my favorite things in addition to my least, I'd-rather-eat-my-porcelain-coffee-mug things.

Let's start with my favorite:
Pho!  Actually, Pho 2 times this week.  Please keep your comments to yourself.
Cooking, drinking, laughing and enjoying a peaceful evening outside with this guy I kinda like { love }.
Long morning runs.
Good drinks, great appetizers and better conversations with an old friend { Which lasted about 4 hours later than I had thought.  There goes my 10p bedtime.  Oh well! }
Cuddle sessions.
Golden retriever love!
The anticipation for a backpacking combo 14'er trip with Hunter this weekend!  I am absolutely gitty - I simply can't wait.

Annnnnnd for my not-so-favorite:
Dealing with the leftovers misc crap in my old apt from last weekends big move.  { But I'm FINALLY done and out of that sucka, so no more dwelling on that! }
Packing and moving in 90+ degree heat in every spare second I had.  In high heels.  Yeahh...I SO didn't think that one through. { Damn. I just dwelled, didn't I? }
Coping and processing the death of our dear friend Keith.
Finding out a good friend is dealing with scary 6 letter "c" word news in her family.
Bad hair days.

The best news is that the my favorites outweigh my not-so-favorites...but the awful news is there are a few in the not-so-favorites that are truly devastating.  And NO bad hair days isn't in the category...I'm not THAT vain.

I'll leave you with a picture of a t-shirt I took in Patagonia the other day - it will surely kick off our backpacking weekend in true fashion.  I can't tell you how excited I am that when I was packing for this little trip that nothing electronic and absolutely no makeup was packed. AND I get to spend the entire weekend OUTSIDE with Hunter while wearing stretchy pants.  I dare you to come up with something that sounds better than that!

Cheers to the long weekend, friends and family!

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