Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bad Beth.

I know, I know - the posting has been very few and far between the last week - I accept full responsibility.  After our 4 day vacation, a full night of packing + dinner with our dear friends Jaime and Ryan, then a bitchin' birthday party for my Mary, I've hardly found time to even wash my hair!  { Let's be honest, I rarely find time to wash my hair even when my days aren't jam packed. }  I need to get through this week, then the weekend and HOPEFULLY things will then calm down.  I have a full night of designing, cleaning and packing ahead of me tonight, then a BBQ/branding meeting Friday night, a morning of packing and moving Saturday, followed by a girl's night hotel sleepover Saturday night, then ANOTHER day of moving on Sunday.  Let's hope that I'll have a bed { not twin size air mattress } and a freshly washed head of hair come Monday.

I'm excited to share more deets and photos from our Montana trip and also post some pictures from Mary's birthday party last night!  Meanwhile, enjoy the dance party pictures from Mary and my dance off yesterday morning.

She's my favorite.

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