Tuesday, October 9, 2012

three hundred and sixty five.

three hundred and sixty five days ago today, i laid eyes on my love for the very first time.  i remember that day like it was yesterday.  i watched "i know what you did last summer" early in the morning while laying in a heap of blankets and pillows while drinking my coffee and eating leftover witches hat's from the night before when i had my closest girlfriends over for a diy halloween lantern night.  i remember getting dressed, excited i could wear my favorite brown jacket for the first time that season.  i remember parking at work for a broncos tailgate, which our company throws before every home broncos game.  i remember texting amie, our matchmaker, all morning and her being so excited we were going to finally meet.  i remember talking to jaime's husband ryan in the corner of the tailgate when i saw hunter walk in.  even before he text "we made it here!", i already knew it was him.  i remember not wanting to walk up to him right away in an attempt to not seem over excited.  i remember the brown north face pullover he was wearing.  i remember how he drank one beer, but mostly water.  i remember taking a picture with him and texting it to amie, and her response of "OMGGGGasldfkjalkeruwoeiru!!!eqwlsdfkjlakkfdjalskdjfa@#@!!!!!!@$#%^^$@$$%jdsf!!!!!!!"
{ which in beth and amie talk means something really, really, good }  i remember being so sad when him and his friend mark had to leave for the broncos game, but i too remember being so excited when he asked if i wanted to hang out after the game.

i also remember being so excited for the three hundred and sixty five days following 10/9/11, when he's asked me to hang out since.

had i known how my life would have changed a year ago today, i would have probably spent more time on my hair, and less time drinking between the tailgate and after the game.  i would have probably ate about 10 breath mints on my drive to the tailgate, and spritzed myself with my good luck perfume.  i would have probably sharpened up on my broncos trivia to try and impress you.  
but i didn't, and the best part about showing up with dirty hair, sunglasses and a vague idea of what the broncos starting line up looked like is that is me, and you have never asked for anything more, or anything less.  you have filled my life with love, adventure, motivation, spontaneity, memories and laughter that even in my wildest daydreams did i never believe could come true.  i strive to be the best version of myself because of you.  and you know what?  if i fail at that 3mi run?  or slip up on my finances?  or eat some chicken wings and blow my diet?  you love me all the same.  

i live for our cuddle sessions.  
i adore how kind you are to every single person you come into contact with. 
i could never get sick of hearing about your camping trips growing up.
i melt when you sing goofy country songs to me on our car rides.
i admire your strength more than i could ever possibly tell you.
i love how much you love snow.
i smile every night when your toes wiggle as you are falling asleep.
your laughter can, has and will continue to turn any of my frowns upside down.

when my mom asked amie if she intended us meeting up to be a set up, she said 
"i knew they'd get along, but i had no idea they would fall in love!"

not only did i fall in love, but i gained a best friend, cooking partner in crime and my #1 main squeeze.
thank you for continuing to sweep me off my feet each and every single time i see you.
thank you for loving me on my worst of whinnypitypartycranky days.
above all thank you for being you.  your wonderfully handsome, smart, strong, sexy and wise you.
i love you.  i love you.  i love you.


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  1. Beth,

    This was such a sweet way to start my day! Seriously, it's making me tear up :) I'm so happy for both of you. Love you much.