Monday, March 7, 2011


I love the idea of all the cute weekend recaps I see on...what's it called?  This here inter-web?  Yeah.  Inter-web.  I think my rendition of it will be my own High and Low of the Weekend.  But this time (and hopefully every time I do this) the highs greatly outweigh the lows.

Friday night.  What I had intended the night to be was inviting some of my Denver favorites over to Penn St. to assist in ending my stay there on a high note, turned into Jaime, Ryan, Ashley, Mary and I cracking a bottle of champers (and maybe a beer or 8), two pizza's and laughing to the point of tears on my (new!) kitchen floor.  My aunt worded it perfectly when she said it wasn't so important that I needed to say goodbye to the old place, but hello to my new one.  And the perfect hello we had.  : )
Saturday afternoon.  Among the pure chaos of moving up appx 35 stairs, living on the corner of two one-way streets (so finding a place to park the vehicles we were unpacking was less than ideal) and JAMMING my sofa up the stairs...I had to run to the hardware store.  On my way back home I was at the light right next to my apt, and seeing my boss's (huge and manly) truck parked UP on the sidewalk and all my amazing and motivated movers scurrying around and unpacking the truck was so moving watching them all there helping ME.  It was one of the greater warm fuzzies I will probably ever experience.
Sunday night.  I had committed to taking Jaime and Ryan's Save the Date photos in downtown Denver.  I can't express how much silly, lighthearted and genuine fun the three of us have together.  Also, the love that I was able to capture between the two of them was so moving and inspiring to me.  After we took the photos, Team Amazing Race headed back to their house, enjoyed a (2) bottle(s) of wine while cooking chorizo & sweet potato enchiladas (highly, HIGHLY recommend this recipe!  We used Ryan's grandmother's famous homemade enchilada sauce, but otherwise we followed the recipe to a T!).  We laughed, we danced, we goofed around and it was THE perfect ending to a rather long and exhausting weekend.

Saturday evening.  Cleaning and my final goodbye to my Pennsylvania St. apartment.  It wasn't so much that I wanted to hurry out of that place and close the door to the memories I made there, but I was that much more excited to get to my NEW home and start making the memories here.

So a 3 to 1 ratio isn't bad, is it?!  I don't think so.  Glad you agree.  : )

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