Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How do you spell love?

S-a-r-a a-n-d J-a-i-m-e.

Okay, that took way too long and totally wasn't worth it.

Ashley, Sara, Jaime and I take turns hosting impromptu dinner parties. These girls and I have been known to entertain ourselves in a vehicle, no music on, stopped at a red light, laughing in hysterics about the different size of radio dials. And yes, that is a real life example. Ash couldn't make it, but Sara and James came over to my place for some wild rice, mushroom and chicken soup with a wedge salad. I had the best of intentions of taking a few photos of dinner, but per usual I got 120% engulfed into conversation up until the minute they left. I love my girls.

Yes we polished off 3 bottles of wine, yes the picture is deceiving and only shows 1 wine glass, and yes thats my Chap-Stick in the middle of the dinner table. Anyone who knows me knows wherever Beth goes, her Chap-Stick goes.

I'd really love to sit and share some hi-larry-us and borderline offensive stories from the night, but I just saw an hour of WAG {Will and Grace} is on Lifetime and let's be honest, WAG trumps all.

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