Monday, March 28, 2011

Luck o' the Irish

You know what makes me happy? Eating out of all white dishes.

Maybe just glance at the picture instead of studying it. If you study it you may see crumbs from my eggs, toast and salad that occupied these dishes 07 minutes before that picture was taken. But then again you may not.

Also, I did it again. I hung out in Denver as the Giant Green Giant disguised as a 25 year old grill. I had just finished at the gym and was 10 minutes into my grocery stopping at Sunflower when I realized I had BRIGHT green running shorts on (Yes the bad 80's kind) my sage green with neon green accents running jacket, green handbag and of course I put my grocery list on my Notes in my phone with a lime green case. Seriously I was just waiting for someone to shout "ST. PATTY'S DAY WAS 2 WEEKS AGO STRETCH." To which I would have walked over and commented on their balding hair and/or bad dye job (Because of course giants can see the tops of everyones head) and told them to have a jolly good day.

Now if you'll excuse me I have some canning of my green beans to finish.

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