Sunday, March 13, 2011


Muhaha - get it?  Hilow sounds like hello.  It's also the High and Lows of my weekend.  Hey-oooo.

Sometimes it scares me how easily entertained I am.

*Chad Rail.  I could pick out 983892 moments from the weekend that made the High list, but I'll just say him in a nutshell.  We at last minute were able to find good airfare for him to come out and surprise his sister for her birthday celebration/St. Patty's Day in Denver!  Chad moved to NM about 2 years ago after living in Denver for almost 6 years, so he still has a really good friend/family base that live here.  We laughed, we cried, we drank, we ate, we slept, we laughed some more.  (I lied, we didn't cry - but this morning we were able to count 3 people that we randomly saw crying last night, so technically we weren't the ones doing the crying - but there was crying done.)
Seeing Cole's face when Chad snuck up and surprised her.  She FLIPPED out then asked, and I quote "Am I really drunk, or is my brother here?!"  It was the perfect birthday gift for the birthday girl!
Walking from my apartment downtown to get my car this morning.  When Chad lived here, we would do that every Sunday morning - just go out, pick up coffee and walk for hours and hours.  Though selfishly, this made us late for the airport when we should have just taken a cab - I was a happy, happy girl.

Dropping him off at DIA - duh.  Bet you didn't see that one coming!  It was a mix of dropping him off after a picture perfect weekend, not knowing when I would see him again and having to come home to an empty apartment.  This is always my least favorite part about having company and dread it each and every time I know someone is visiting.  Having to coming home to an empty apartment after it was just filled with laughter and love hours earlier.  Meh - that's life though right!

*Who is Chad Rail?  This is Chad Rail.

Photo taken circa a 2008 Rockies Game!

I met Chad almost 3 years ago.  We dated.  We broke up.  He moved to NM.  We dated again.  We broke up again.  Right now we are somewhere in the middle - and that makes Beth a happy girl.

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