Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hilow Week{end} 3!

It's 8:38p and I've been struggling to stay awake for an hour now. Something that will lead to a short night and a short blog post for shiz!

1) I spent majority of the weekend with Jaime, her sister and Ryan's family helping wedding plan in addition to attending a play at the DCPA. Saturday afternoon after trying on bridesmaid dresses, Jaime, Gina and I enjoyed lunch and margaritas on a patio, did a little shopping and a lot of giggling!
2) Mary Ida text me at 7:30am this morning saying she was out grabbing coffee and delivered one to my front door! So sweet and thoughtful - Mary is my morning person idol, and today was no exception.
3) I have (slowly but surely) really dug into final unpacking/decorating and I have so many pieces in my apartment that are really important to me. In one room I have one of Morgan's most favorite drawing and my great grandma Biel's bookends. I love seeing them both with me in my apartment. : )

1) Klutz Beth wiped outtttttt Wednesday night on a run after work and it's totally safe to say that the sidewalk totally got the best of me and my right knee. I hobbled around with a bruised, bleeding and swollen knee all weekend that was really just more obnoxious rather than a low!
2) This will be my third weekend in this apartment, and I embarrassingly enough STILL have boxes in my apartment. Still. It's enough to drive me bonkers. But somehow in my 25 years of life, I've become painfully meticulous at how I decorate and what I put on my walls. One would think after 3 weeks I'd have a clue on what I want my living room to look like, but one would think wrong.

And now, a few fun photos for your enjoyment. One I took, two my mom sent me from CA. I'll let you pick who took which photos!

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