Monday, June 6, 2011

Best day of my entire life.

Fine. Maybe not of my *entire* life. Let's say of 2011.

Let's start out this post with an email I sent out on Thursday to Jaime, Ryan, Mary, Ash and Sara:

Hi friends! Happy Thursdayyyyyyyy. (Ryan, what day is it tomorrow…?)

I know I’m not the only one who has had this upcoming Sunday double stared with a smiley face in their calendar for weeks now. And also quite possibly had their outfit picked out for a week, and has had a bottle of white chilling in the fridge ready to be opened Sunday at about 5:45p. What am I talking about you ask?

!!!The first Jazz in the Park is Sunday!!!

I’ll give you a minute to stop, pause and celebrate.

Alright, minute is up.

For those of you not familiar with Jazz in the Park, we can no longer be friends. But go ahead and take a second to familiarize yourself with it here.

So who can make it this Sunday, June 5th? I’ve got a blanket, the (most perfect thing ever invented) table in a bag, wine sticks, badminton, a kite, bubbles, water guns, and many other treats you will have to show up to find out about. With it being the first one of the season, it might not be a bad idea to show up around 5:30p to find a good spot and set everything up. I’m volunteering Ryan and Jaime to bring their grill (thanks, guys!) and we can talk more about what sort of food and yummies to have after we get a better idea of who all can make it.

If you can think of anyone else you’d like to invite, please fwd them this email! Brothers…sisters….sister’s dogs….(Love you, Ryan), parents…anyone at all!

Please let me know if you can make it!
And happy June everyone!

So that basically sums up Jazz in the Park. It's been one of my most favorite things about living in Denver. I've created some amazingly funny memories at Jazz. Including, but not limited to: brownie smiles, long talks after dark on benches, "6 weeks", fights with the grill...the list goes on and on andonandonandon. This past Sunday was no exception! Mary and I packed up everything except the kitchen sink and walked a mile from her house to the park. See below:

The only casualty we had was a container of balsamic + olive oil + honey + s&p for the watermelon, aragula and feta cheese salad. Which, BTW, is STILL missing. { if anyone finds it, please return to 19th and Wynkoop }

Enjoy our night summed up in appx 20 pix.

We ended the night listing things we forgot/need to purchase:
Hula Hoop
Wagon (an adult wagon. We have some self respect.)
Lamp (for after the music is over and we are some of the last to pack up)

It really is the picture perfect way to end your weekend. Relaxed, dinning and wining in the park with your *favorite* friends.

*We literally had every food group imaginable. The one thing we "didn't think we had enough of" was booze. I had my besties Timmy, Eddie, Kari and Steve set up just a hop and skip away from where we were set up. They were well prepared and had enough wine for the entire park and then some. Ryan was constantly shoving his wine glass at me whispering "Go see your friends. Go see your other friends....and take my glass with you!" That all being said, my slight headache and lusting after a cheeseburger and tator tots would suggest we had more than enough booze.

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  1. Best night blog post ever! ILY!