Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm bored.

I never come home from work and do nothing. Like. Never ever. Ever, ever. If I'm not at Bible study ( Happy Hour ) either downtown or my aunt's house, I'm running outside/at the gym/working out with James and Ryan or meandering through the grocery store dreaming up what to cook for dinner.

Today. I came home and did nothing. Not because I wanted to, but because the 3 block line of people outside the Ogden Theatre suggested a big show tonight and do you know how difficult it is finding a good parking spot on big show nights? It's impossible. Once I got my good spot, I wasn't leaving.

So, I painted my nails, watched 2 episodes of Sex and the City on OnDemand and took a picture of my cat before I started going totally stir crazy.

At that time I'd been home for appx 61 minutes.

I really want to go outside for a run, but based on the 93 degree temps at 7pm and a pretty yishy incident that happened Friday night during my run, I will most definitely wait until those drop before I go work on my fitness. Thank God that Chad called and kept me company for 21 minutes and 48 seconds. He's had to witness my ADD first hand, namely when it comes to watching movies/TV (I'm so doneskies with the boob tube after about 45 min unless I'm sick/can't sleep.), so the best option he had for my boredom was to look at the website for the Summer Camp he's helping run.

That took up appx 7 minutes of my night.

It was a good suggestion though, eh?

I'm off to paint my toenails (again).

I have no idea how that wine pix snuck in there. { Yes I do. }

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