Sunday, June 26, 2011

JITP: Week 4!

{ Pronounced Ji-P. Tim wouldn't tell me there the T disappeared to. }

To locate my favorite picture of the night, look at column 2, row 3. I laughed out loud lots when I saw that pix. Tim and I took one photo together, then Brian accused Tim of having a fake smile - ergo me slapping Tim while yelling "No fake smiles with me! You know you love me! Smile like you mean it!" Needless to say, he had a real smile in the 3rd picture we took. :) If you look hard enough, you can see everyone cheersing me with an umbrella for those (totally cool, radical and awesome) people who so chose to accept a drink umbrella offered to them by moi. aka - the Fiesta Sunday themed night was a huge success. Ole!

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