Monday, June 13, 2011

Jazz - Week 2!

Last night’s Jazz was a pretty big stretch for me to show up and took a lot of mental soul searching not to back out on. One of my favorite people, Eric, was in visiting from North Dakota over the weekend. Just to give you an example of how I felt on Sunday, when my coworker Kate text to ask if I was headed to Jazz in the evening my exact text back was “Am I?! Yes I am. Even though you could wring out my arm and get enough booze for the whole park. Oy.” I was tired and awfully banged up from the day before, but I had promised my friend Jeremy I’d take him to for his first time, and he had his heart set on this weekend. Once I got to the park, my spirits lifted for sure. It was only Ed’s second time there, but he has got the system DOWN. We decided each week will be a different themed week and the drinks and food will go hand in hand with the theme. Some of the themes we picked were Mexican and Asian Zing, but Ed decided last night’s theme was FRIED CHICKEN!! And he was letting every passerby’er know exactly that. He had concocted the most fantastical summer drink that we loved almost as much as the chicken. My coworker Sara, her boyfriend Brian and { the love of my life, } her dog Wiley joined us, also! Wi got so excited when he saw me that he was whimpering and clawing his way up to give me kisses. People kept commenting on how it looked like I got attacked by a bear because of all the claw marks on my chest and neck. It was worth it for the kisses, though. : )

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