Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dear Diary,

I'm freaking starving.

Beth Ann

I know this is such a pointless post, but I have to tell someone.  I ran with the { my aunt's } dog after work, went to the gym for 45 minutes then walked over to the market and picked up amazingly fresh produce to cook for dins.  Starvin' Marvin over here bought some fingerling potatoes at the Farmer's Market on Sunday and has had my heart set on rosemary potatoes all. day. long.  Marvin got wrapped up in the excitement of rosemary and forgot how gosh darn long those things take to boil.  So I can't work on my meat, and steaming my veggies until the potatoes are at least halfway cooked.


Sorry, I just had to tell someone.  Thank you for listening, Diary.

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