Saturday, June 18, 2011

Family Reunion/Sleepgayover 2011.

Even though we've all had our own precious Jonny time while he's in town, we all still needed to do it up old school style. No restaurants, no early curfews....just one big sleepover. And that we did.

Jimmy and Trish had us up to their house for a family reunion/sleepgayover in Berthoud last night, which is about an hour north of Denver. They have a mouth droppingly stunning view of the mountains as their backyard, as well as a beautiful plot of land next to their home with horses running freely. I took tons of pictures throughout the night on my phone....however I seemed to pick one subject at a time and capture it 15 different ways. Enjoy our evening by virtue of my blog post!

Subject: Food. { Jimmy has the most creative perspective on cooking and never disappoints. Last night was no exception! He grilled at least 8 different veggies, 5 meats and 1 type of fish. De-lish. }

Subject: Doggies. { It's curious to me I only photographed these 3 dogs because there were 6 pups total there. I guess I know who my favorites are! }

Subject: Chris and Kevin { Being all cute and cuddly after 26+ years together. Yes, they have been a couple longer than I've been alive. Love them. }

Subject: Jon. { And me forcing him into looking like a happy couple. aka being needy as fu... }

Subject: Jon sleeping. { Though this seems like a perfectly innocent act, he started snoozing at like 9pm, which we found highly inappropriate. Let's just say we found ways to wake him up that included a wet willy or 7. }

Things I did that aren't displayed in the above photo collage:
Went on a scooter { ekkkkk!!! } ride.
Mixed many a Moscow Mule for the group.
Fed fish in their pond.
Played Scrabble.
Drank about 4 cups of coffee on the patio/sitting in the grass.
Had a dog pile on Graff.

I really do have the best group of oddly highly inappropriate and severely dysfunctional friends. But - I wouldn't and couldn't trade them for the world.

Enjoy the misc reject photos from the night that didn't make the cut. And before you ask, yes that is me wearing Stewart the Dog's Doggles for when Jimmy takes him on the scooter, and also my aunt defied all odds and got my hair secured up in a bun with one bobby-pin.

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