Thursday, June 2, 2011


{ Warning.  This post contains no photos.  If you are of the visual sort, just continue navigating your way throughout the world wide web now. }

I love that it's 8:26p, and I haven't turned on my tv once since I've been home work.
I love that I haven't checked my cell phone in what's nearing close to 2 hours.
I love that I have an "emergency exit" at my apartment that doubles as a perfect stoop for reading, drinking a deliciously pretty adult beverage while watching the sun set over the mountains and downtown Denver.
I love that I am able to walk to the grocery in my new 'hood vs driving.
I love rediscovering random artists in my iTunes that I haven't listened to in yearssss.
I love finding all colors of bell peppers on sale for $1 a pep.
I love book recommendations!  Hunger Games, anyone?!!

Holler back.  What do you love today?

FINE, I lied - there is a picture in this post.  But hot damn, this was too funny to pass up.  NO I CAN'T RELATE.

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