Thursday, December 1, 2011

BFF fo life.

My sweet Jon had surgery yesterday, and even though I know he's a grown ass man who can take care of himself, my mother's caretaker gene kicked in and I just had to swoop in to take care of him.

About 2 years ago Jon had a really awful bike accident and needed surgery on his hand. The morning of the surgery he called and left me this message:
"JUST as a reminder, I am going into surgery in 2 hours. As another reminder.....TODAY, I am the victim!!!!! And I WANT LEMON CUPCAKES!!!!"

No lie. A (at the time) 48 year old man was pitching a fit and demanding lemon cupcakes. Of course being the stubborn biotch I am, I took him to Benny's instead, but I bet you I've been reminded no shy of 3 dozen times since then how he didn't get lemon cupcakes.

So today? He got lemon cupcakes.

I'm not a baker and won't claim to be, but these cupcakes were da bomb. Though the thought of buying 2 lemon cupcakes from a local baker, or buying a lemon cake box crossed my mind, I ended up following this recipe and was so pleased with the end result. Jon even said "Buff, these are THE best lemon cupcakes I've ever had." It could have been the pain meds talking, or they really were that good. I'm going with the latter.

Moral of the story? Friends kick major a, and I always walk away feeling more fulfilled after helping them out.

So? Go help a BFF fo life, yes? Until then....try your hand in baking. You never know what amazeballs cupcakes will come of it!

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