Thursday, December 29, 2011

British basketball.

I’ve had two pretty similar emails from two friends of two different walks of life lately – they both make me smile from ear to ear!

My dearest friend Alexis who just moved from Fargo to Wheaton, MN!:

I’ve been having super weird dreams lately and I had one about your last night. I was flying to Denver super last min and I was struggling to find tickets to come to your wedding. It was a very very odd series of events. We all met at this bar where we played basketball on a basketball court.

If I flew out of Fargo I would spend $247 on tickets and if I flew out of the cities I would spend $227 on tickets. It was a huge debate on which city to fly out of, but the funny part is I don’t remember which one I chose or actually being on the plane. I was just all of a sudden there at the table at the bar getting ready to play basketball.

Super strange!!!

And my sweet friend Lesli who lives in Ft. Collins:

I just wanted to let you know that I had a dream you were in last night. We were driving around in this really fun car that you had to stand in and stick your head out the top. You were driving and for some reason had a British accent. We were driving all over this grassy area and having fun. That’s it… :)

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