Friday, December 16, 2011

My week rocks.

Has your week rocked? I can safely say, my week has rocked. Aside from some iffy days at work, my holiday parties and besties have totally just killed it this week.

Started the week off right fireside playing board games with my bestie, my boyfriend and my boyfriend’s bestie.

Enjoying the decorations up in my nook of my apartment building.

Killed it at the gym, and constantly reminding myself to workout with intention, not just to go through the motions.

Had a sweet boy cook me a k-i-l-l-e-r dinner while I got to relax and get my Christmas gifts wrapped.

Morning surprises.

Spending the nights sipping, giggling and creating the funniest and best memories with people I love the most.

The best part? The week isn’t even over! H-Dawg and I leave at 5:01pm tonight to spend the weekend cut off from society, by the fire sipping whatever we want to be sipping, playing in the snow, cooking for his family and what I’m guessing to be lots of card games, and hours spend crocheting working on my blanket.

Happy weekend, everyone! What about your week rocked?!

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