Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dang you Christmas night. .

Many many posts ago, I talked about that feeling I would get every Christmas night as a child. Filled with sadness and feeling so consumed with the sad feelings of Christmas being over. Reliving every part of the day over in my mind as to not forget any part of that magical day. I am 300% consumed with that feeling right this second. My dad sleeping on a twin bed 4 feet from me. Me, laying on an air matters next to a clunky heater in my grandma's half unfinished basement waiting for my mom to get home from Wine Night with her long distance best friends. My aunt down the hall with the light seeping through under the door. Grandma upstairs. Uncle upstairs. I want to rewind and relive every single second since Wednesday. Every single hug. Smile. Tear. Memory. This weekend has been one of the most magical, filled with memories and built off love weekends I've had in years and I really could not be more blessed.

Now that I have that off my chest, I'm off to fall asleep to my dad snoring while I wait to hear my mom walk down the stairs, all with a giant smile on my face as I remember everything we've been blessed with this weekend.

I don't want to post too many pictures without writing up the appro stories yet, but I do have to share example 1 of 353,492 of how my mom and her siblings tease my Grandmother 24/7. This example is of my mom and her sister who dressed up in grandma's clothes before breakfast, while saying "What?! We dress fancy to eat."

Meanwhile, my Grandma is cursing under her breath and going about her business pretending like nothing is going on.

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