Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feb Photo a Day! Booyeah.

So…there is this little thing called Instagram for iPhones (and rumor has it, soon Droids, too!) and on this there Instagram, there was this little thing called January Photo a Day where they assign a photo challenge to each day. Jaime participated in January Photo a Day, and recapped her sweet pictures on her blog!




When January was starting to wrap up, and the new February Photo a Day was buzzing around Instagram, Mary says to me – and I quote “Oh #$!@, there is a Feb photo challenge, too! God save us all.” I wanted to give the photo challenge a shot, but decided against posting it daily on Instagram (you are welcome, Mary!), so I’m going to use Jaime as my inspiration and just post them all on my blog! I wanted to post the photos one week at a time, but the first week of it ended while I was in ND and I didn’t have time to write out a post about it. So here is February 1-14!

{ day one } Your view today.

View from my office window!

{ day two } Words.

A picture I text to Hunter. :-)

{ day three } Hands.

Working in Illustrator using my shortcut key commands!

{ day four } A stranger.

Ashton Kutcher in Friends with Benefits.

{ day five } 10am.

Looking out the window while on the treadmill at the gym!

{ day six } Dinner.

At Pizza Fusion with my sweet Jaime!

{ day seven } Button.

Part of the decoration on Hunter’s Valentine’s Day gift!

{ day eight } Sun.

The reflection of the sun in my grandmother’s kitchen!

{ day nine } Front Door.

The front door to the church where my cousin got married! It was late at night and I was going there for rehearsal, so my apologies for the dark photo.

{ day ten } Self Portrait.

My mom and I at the wedding dance yuking it up with some mustaches.

{ day eleven } Makes you happy.

Watching my dad shuffle cards!!! Always makes me laugh.

{ day twelve } Inside your closet.

A kitty! What else?

{ day thirteen } Blue.

The sky from my walk downtown over lunch!

{ day fourteen } Heart.

The breakfast I made for Hunter this morning. Awwe.

I’m excited to share with you 15-29! It’s not too late to join, either – I’d love to see some snapshots of your February!

And happy Love Day, everyone! I'll be back with photos and stories from Hunt and my celebration last night as he has to work tonight. xo


  1. Love this Beth! Wish I would have known about it...maybe they will do it again in March :)

  2. That other Mary sounds like a real piece of work. How rude! You should start referring to me as Mary O. so people don't get us mixed up.