Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hap eee ness.

This week, happiness to me means...:

Waking up tomorrow and starting the WEEK countdown to my cousin's wedding! {This is more important to me than just a little blurb on this list, so more on it later.}

Creating memories with Hunt in the kitchen. One of my favorite places to spend with him.

Eating an orange with the stem still on it from my parents orange tree!

Opening my bathroom cabinet and seeing one of the notes my mom hides for me.

New fab recipes.

Beautiful dinner parties with favorite friends!

Dreaming big and business planning with Mary.

Tiny boxes on my doorstep filled with love and packed with surprises.

Kitty cuddles. Enough said.

Lemon water with one of my parents fresh lemons!

Early morning breakfast dates with my very favorite, yet vert tired nurse.

Michael's bag filled with fixings for the most perfect homemade gifts. : >

What made your week filled with happy?!

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