Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Feb Photo A Day:: 22-27!

And the fun continues…

{ day twenty-two } Where You Work.

There are dozens of pictures I could have used for this one. The views of Denver and Coors Field from our balconies, the plastic wine glasses in the cabinet (no one knows where they came from), the giant blue ox, guitars everywhere….but I chose something most simple which one of about 3 walls of caricatures we have of every person who works with us!

{ day twenty-three } Your Shoes.

I can’t not have that song in my head when I see that word.

{ day twenty-four } Inside your Bathroom Cabinet.

All throughout my apt I have little notes, pictures and cards tucked away in my most visited areas of my apartment. In my cabinet? A note my mom left me a few months ago. : >

{ day twenty-five } Green.

From Hunter’s birthday breakfast! Roasted poblano peppers with scrambled eggs, feta cheese and cilantro! Of course loads of hot sauce, but that would have covered up all the green. : )

{ day twenty-six } Night.

The entire evening consisted of playing Draw Something with Amie while she was driving across the country! There were some drawings I was quite literally in hysterics and having laughing seizures over. There may have been a crossed eyed cat involved.

{ day twenty-seven } Something You Ate.

Leftovers from last night: Pancit! I’m obsessed with this recipe and can’t wait to actually cook it for someone to see if they love it as much as I do! Thanks again, Joanna for sharing!

Only a few days to go! Yay/sadness.

Oh and here is a picture of Charlie, Hunter’s newphew, and I from a few weekend back while playing Legos! This kid seriously, is the bomb.com.org.co.net.edu. I luff him. He's too cute not to include.

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