Wednesday, February 8, 2012


{ Please note, my brain is 200% mush right now, so if none of this makes sense...just pretend it does.  Capish? }

I woke up this morning at about 5a, with this song in my head

which is so serendipitous because though I'M not going to the chapel to get married, I am going to the airport to get on a plane, to get to Bismarck to go to Dickinson to watch my COUSIN get married!!

Basically word for word the song.  And basically our bridesmaids dresses are what they are wearing in the video.


I would also like to share with you the third instillment of Momma's Got Game:
{Sent to me on Monday}
In 3 more sleeps
I be seein my pepes
Gon be a wedin'
Up nort we be headin'
Dey makin' dat "red eye"
Common sense go bye-bye
Look out Dickinson
De Kollings is fixin
To show dem wooses
Don't mess with us'es.

I will never forget when I went back for my sweet girlfriend Shaneille's wedding.  I was at work and Neil and I were texting about the Red Eye they were making, and I posed the question to my coworkers:
"Do you guys know what Red Eye is?"
These were my three responses:
"It's a midnight flight."
"It's a movie."
"It's what happens to your eyes in some bad pictures."

No no friends.  THIS is Red Eye.

Hi Shaneille!!!

It's basically flavored Everclear that gets passed around during wedding receptions.  Google "Red Eye; wedding schnapps" and you will get many many a recipes for it.

Yup.  We know how to have fun.

I just KNOW I have a pix of my family taking Red Eye shots at my cousin's wedding this past summer, I just can't find it right this second.  Stay tuned.

ANYHOODLE.  Here I sit at my gate, drinking my coffee, and wishing beyond all wishes I had remembered headphones.

I went to bed a little after 2a, and woke up just a smidge after 5a.  To say I'm tired would be a gross understatement.  Like I told Hunter, I envision a huge crash in my near future.  Let's hope I make it to the plane first.

BUT.  All this last minute running around, errands, packing, crafting, loss of sleep is SURE to be worth it when I get to Dix and am surrounded by all my favorite people in life.  My family!  I can't really start talking about how much this wedding means to me, and further how much it means to be asked to be Beck's Maid of Honor.  I've been just an emotional puddle lately, and I fear they wouldn't let me on the plane if I started my breakdown now.  I really am so blessed to have Beck in my life and by my side as my friend, my cousin, my "I need to text someone about where I put my fruit sticker right this very second" go to person.  She's da bomb.

This picture makes me uncontrollably happy.  She always had to be in the middle.  ; )

This is probably one of my most favorite pictures to date.  The quality stinks, but I literally HEAR all the giggles going on in this picture.  Including the one from my dad who is behind the camera.

I love you, Beck!!!!  See you in a few hourssssssssssssssssssssss.

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