Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feb Photo A Day:: 15-21!

Here we go – week 3 of the Photo Challenge!

{ day fifteen } Phone.

I love this picture of us – adventure, smiles and memories. Pretty much sums us up!

{ day sixteen } Something New.

A oh-so thoughtful gift card left on my desk simply for helping a coworker out!

{ day seventeen } Time.

Time was CRAWLING by on this particular day! Maybe it was just because I was so ready for it to be 5p and was so excited for my date with my Mawwry!

{ day eighteen } Drink.

My coffee, and Hunter’s Vitamin Water on our drive to Wyoming for the weekend!

{ day nineteen } Something You Hate to Do.

Leave this face after an especially fun weekend together. Wah.

{ day twenty } Handwriting.

My coworker being funny and encouraging me to order a new 2012 calendar! It always makes me smile, and actually encourages me to leave it vs buy a new calendar!

{ day twenty-one } A Favorite Photo of You.

One of my favorite pictures of all time. The 3 people who mean the most to me in this world! I look and smile at it daily.

I’m really enjoying this little challenge! It’s been so fun to plan out where and when I think I’ll snap the photo every day and get excited to share with you guys. I agree with you, Brandy – I hope they have one lined up for March! If not, let’s create our own, shall we?!


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