Tuesday, March 6, 2012

7 things you never wanted to know, ......yet probably still wish you didn't know.

1. I can't get enough of onions lately.  I've successfully cooked/ate 2 of them since Monday.  Yup...yesterday.

2. My Eric sent me all the seasons of Will and Grace I was missing in my collection and I can't get enough.  My favorite nights now are spent cuddled up in my Broncos blanket, crocheting my first adult blanket, and watching WAG.  That makes for a veeeeery happy Beth.

3. I'm slowly re-embracing my naturally curly hair.  The longer it gets, the harder it is to style curly.  Yet the older I get, the less I care what it looks like!  Riddle me that.

4. I wish I could figure out a way to combine my crocheting addiction with my nail polish addiction.  It really is imposible to do both at the same time.

5. Adjusting to the 2 hour time difference between Amie and I is for real a struggle.  The girl gets up at 3am my time.  If I wasn't used to being half awake at that hour on the nights Hunter works overnights, I'd be so alarmed at why my phone was going off.

6. Speaking of the nights Hunter works overnights - my new favorite game is to wake up at my normal morning time and check out what I sleep text him in the middle of the night.  It never fails to humor me.

7. The other night before bed, Hunter and I took turns reading to each other from The Art of Racing in the Rain.  His parents read each other the ENTIRE Harry Potter series, which I found adorable on like 3,425 levels, so it made my heart extra happy when we got to do the same thing on a much smaller scale.

You are welcome.

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