Monday, October 29, 2012

Best of both worlds.

Yes, yes I know.  Yet another blog post dragging out, obsessing over talking about the upcoming move and life changes.  I've done it before where I obsess and post nonstop about one subject, and chances are I'll do it again.  What can I say...I'm a sentimental, over-thinking fool.


I actually hate that phrase, but it's so fitting so deal wit it.

I had to go into work a little on Sunday which worked out because I could sneak out early on Friday  for Hunter and I to head up to Snowy.  We had great weather in Denver and all during the drive up to about 15 miles from the ski area until we drove through the biggest patch of fog, and on the other side of the fog wall was windy, overcast and snowy.  And guess what??  I loved it.  Loved it!  It felt like we were in a winter wonderland.  I am a sucker for snow days, blankets and watching the snow fall so I really couldn't have been happier. Once we got up to the ski area, and we had the entireeeeeeeee place to ourselves.  We did what any sane person would do; load up a box with beer, chips and salsa find our way to the bar and sit, talking about the upcoming months, enjoying having a quiet lodge to ourselves, and just generally relaxing.  After Hunter's dad made it up to Snowy, that commenced more beer drinking, planning and eventual migration over to the apartment where dinner was made and the men worked to put together some machines.  The entire weekend was a blur of cooking, laughing, picking out paint colors, reading books, "paying dadoo's" { playing tractors }, drinking Hunter's home brew  the men doing manly duties such as installing a door and finishing building a wall, while I worked on a craft project and caught up with Becky, Hunter's sister in law.  The wind and snow continued the entire weekend, and we countered it by eating hot chili and layering up as much as possible.  Even though we were only there for a few nights, it was such a little sneak peek into what our lives will look like once we move up there for the ski season.  I'm sure I've said it before, but these men pour all their talent, effort and heart into this place and I couldn't be more proud to watch it flourish, and our visions become a reality.  I had to leave early Sunday morning to get back for work, and I was in such denial about saying bye to the little munchkins, and even the big munchkins.  Even though it was tough to leave, I was really excited to get home and say hi to my roomie for a few minutes before heading over to our company tailgate before the Broncos game.  I had the best time setting up with Jaime, eating and drinking with all the 700+ people there, randomly running into 2 different groups of friends that I hadn't seen in years, enjoying goofing off with my other coworkers that were there, eating up all the positive Bronco energy at the game.  Going to Jaime's after the tailgate and ordering in delicious chinese food, while drinking wine and watching the game....but really just chatting and catching up while the game was playing in the background.  The entire day was magical.

Yesterday, I had the best of both worlds.  I had my future life of snow, work, babies and relaxation, and I had my current life of friends, food, plan after plan and memories.  I absolutely can not wait to watch the two merge and evolve into my new normal.  Our weekend to Snowy completely solidified that we made the right decision to move up to Snowy.  I am beyond thrilled for more Charlie post nap cuddle sessions, helping the vision the new look of the bar, cooking for 6 + 2 mini's and watching the snow fall from the cozy living room sofa.  Until then, I'm relishing in my friend date nights, working 9-5, 5 days a week and packed and planned work nights.

After rereading this it sounds like a fake chipper plug for life at a ski area, so I'll end it with saying how overwhelmed I am at how many warm clothes I need to buy, internally struggling with adjusting to living somewhere with absolutely no cell phone reception and though that little Charlie boy is cute as all get out, his screaming and running has no limits.  Think 11:30pm and 6:00am.

That concludes this over thought post about a weekend away.

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