Thursday, October 11, 2012


::WORKING ON:: My emotions.  It has been very difficult lately staying mentally present in a couple different aspects of life.  It's become a struggle to remain present at work, knowing it's so short term now.  I'm striving to stay present in my friendships and relationships outside of work knowing that in a few months, life will look vastly different than it does now.  So staying present, and remembering to smile throughout it all it is!  : >

::THINKING ABOUT:: Paint samples, antique stores and Etsy, oh my!  I've been lucky enough to have the opportunity to spruce up the lobby, lodge and cafeteria up at Snowy { the ski area }.  It has been all consuming and I really couldn't be more excited about it.  Hunter and I decided we want to purchase as many things as possible from Etsy and support smaller, local businesses rather than places like Hobby Lobby and/or larger stores.  To say I'm "THINKING ABOUT" it is maybe an understatement.  It probably should read "OBSESSING OVER".  Haha!

::ANTICIPATING:: A night out with my girls on Friday!  It's the lovely and talented Jaime of South on Broadway's birthday today { HAPPY BIRFDAY HAIME! }, and Ashley, Sara and I are taking her out for drinks and nibbles to our most favorite Root Down to celebrate on Friday.  We are LONG overdue for a night of giggles, making memories, photo snapping and generally making a scene anywhere we go.  When the 4 of us get together, there is not a chance for a sour mood or crabby pants to sneak in. I know it will be so good for the soul in countless ways!

::LISTENING TO:: All things Daily Grace.  As I type this, I'm listening to/snorting while watching to her be a wingwoman, and I will admit to frequenting her YouTube channel a few times a day for a quick pick me up!

::EATING:: I have discovered my most favorite fruit just this past berries!  I have never in all my life even known these things existed, and I was in for the biggest most pleasant surprise when Hunter told me they came in his latest Door to Door Organics box.  They taste exactly like a kiwi without that pesky skin, and are just the teeniest tiniest widdle cutest things ever!  I'm stopping myself.  So yes, I've been eating kiwi berries lately.  Next question.

::THANKFUL FOR::  This beautiful fall day.  As I was driving to work this morning, I was in complete awe of how vibrant the trees look, how perfectly the leaves lie in piles in front yards and the calm, crisp stillness that comes with this season.  I'm reminded why Fall really is my most favorite season!

::PLANNING FOR::  A week full of running, cross training and weights!  Thanks to my girl Amie, I've been keeping on track with a new running schedule { more on that later! }, and it feels so good to be sticking with it.  It takes a lot of preplanning for when to get in my runs and gym time - but it's far and above worth it!

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