Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Today I'm thankful for freshly brewed and strong coffee right when I stepped foot into work.  Heading out to 16th Street Mall for a lunch with 3 of my favorite coworkers { TGIPuesday! }, running out for a meeting at a local pub with my boss, then a stop for coffee on our walk back to the office.  Meeting a good friend at Riverfront Park for a beautiful and scenic run after work.

All of these things I would have ordinary taken for granted and never thought twice about, but knowing in a few short months time they will a simple memory makes them that much more special to me today.


  1. A "stop for coffee"...aka a stop for photos. And the Ureuropean and I ruined it :(

    1. TECHNICALLY the stop for coffee as listed above was Alex and I stopping at Mangiamo
      Pronto after our one on one. I tried fitting "Stopping for coffee, a bathroom break, photo taking, then ended up with an Izzy" in there, but it just didn't flow.

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