Friday, October 26, 2012

I want to remember this.

Sneaking out of work 15 minutes early to beat traffic.  Heading to a friend's house and driving on auto pilot.  Walking into a beautiful home of love and warmth.  Spending the evening laughing and catching up with girlfriends.  Drinking, eating and giggling.  Whispering to your best friend "Hey.........think Ryan would want to meet up with us for a drink in 30???"  Sneaking out of the party and again, driving on auto pilot to a favorite sushi bar.  Getting out of your car, and picking up with the same conversation you left off with 20 minutes ago with said best friend.  Snagging three seats in a row at the bar.  Drinking martini's, laughing at past memories and planning future ones.  Having heart to heart conversations as the bar is closing around you and barely even noticing.  Enjoying long goodbyes, and even longer hugs. Jumping into a warm car, and taking the long way home.  Driving down streets that used to be mine, bars that were my favorite hangouts.  Smiling at the hundreds of memories flooding back with each street.  Recognizing that was my life back then, and it was a damn good life.  Watching the snow drift from the sky, catching shimmers of light.  Anticipating getting home and being as quiet as possible as to not wake the licking, jumping, loving beast Wiley and my sleepy roomie.  Tiptoeing from room to room avoiding the creaky boards.  Laying down in bed and recognizing this is my life now, and it is a damn good life.

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  1. I will remember those things too... forever. Minus the beastly dog, sleeping roomie and creaky boards. LYLAS