Wednesday, October 31, 2012

While we are talking Halloween...

For whatever reason, Halloween was never my favorite.  In fact, I actually really despised it.  Until, I started working at CS.  Where I work, people go nuts for Halloween!  Nuts. The first year and people were brainstorming ideas, I remember being the stick in the mud and refusing to dress up.  I also remember clear as day when my coworker Kate said "What if we were Paper, Rock, Scissor and Goalkeeper?", and it really was that day that I started liking Halloween again.  My goal is always to spend as little money as possible, and get far too comfortable and creative with cardboard and make people actually stop to think what you are.  Below are the string of costumes my department has come up with over the years.

2007 - Paper Rock Scissor Goalkeeper

2008 - Tetris!

one with our lovely gamer. 

2009 - Barbies
we really peaked this year with the barbie boxes and have never really been able to top them

2010 - Cereal Killers

There is a photo with our entire department, but I can't seem to find it right now.  These two will have to suffice until I find those!

2011 - Kinda took a year off.  We were puns, but no one took photos of us because we were that disappointing.
you can barely see my sign that reads "go ceilings!"  Yeah.  I was a ceiling fan.

2012 - Awkward Family Photos!

Oh Comcast Halloweens I will miss you, and not miss you so much all at the same time.

Have a great Halloween fun friends!

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